Who do I call if I have any questions about your scanners or their use? You can reach our scanner specialists at 800.827.9219 or you can email your questions to tsminfo@appersonprint.com. We can answer any of your questions, provide you with sample forms, set up a free 30-Day Trial for one of our scanners - and much more. Our phones are open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time Monday through Friday.

How do I obtain a copy of my user's manual? Each model comes with a manual, but if you need additional copies you can download the PDF from this website. Just select your machine model and click on the link to the printer-friendly PDF download.

What does "recommend calibration soon" mean and what do I do? Your test scoring machine is asking to have its sensors recalibrated. This is a simple process, just press and hold the "Next Display" button until the LED says "Ready to Calibrate". Then take the calibration form that came with your scanner and run it through. The machine will then say "Calibrated". Just push the reset button and you are finished.

How can I tell how long it has been since I last recalibrated? Press the "Summary Display" button until the LCD show how many forms have been scanned since last calibration.

Why isn't my scanner printing? Please make sure that the ink cartridges have been placed in the scanner and that the protective tape that covers the cartridge nozzles has been removed. If the scanner still isn't printing, priming the cartridge will usually solve the problem. Take a paper towel (not a tissue) and touch the ink jet holes. If it doesn't draw ink into the paper towel, cover the jet holes with the paper towel and gently oscillate the cartridge. Don't shake it as the ink can shoot out. It is permanent ink and will stain anything or anyone it touches. Last, if older than 6 months or heavily used, your ink cartridge may need to be replaced. For additional support, contact Technical Support at 800.827.9219.

I have run the calibration sheet through but my scanner is still not working. What should I do? Paper dust can build up in the scanner. Use canned air and blow paper dust off the sensors. To access the sensors, remove the thumbscrew from the back of the scanner to separate the read head from the plates. After cleaning, scan the calibration sheet again. If the problem persists, contact Customer Service at 800.827.9219 and ask for Technical Support.

How many questions can your GradeMaster™ 600 handle?
The GradeMaster™ can scan up to 50 questions in one pass and up to 200 questions per test.

How do I create a key? Using the answer sheet, you simply fill out the correct answers on the form and bubble in the -K- on the top of the form located in the "keyline." Scan the key prior to scanning your answer sheets. The scanner will tell you how many questions are keyed. You can also create a key without a form by using DataLink's™ key editor feature.

Does the scanner provide any analysis of the tests scored?
Yes. We have an Item Analysis form that includes a score frequency distribution report and a tally of the number of incorrect responses for exams with up to 200 questions. We also offer a Tally Report form which will provide a tally of markings for each specific response bubble on the scan sheet. In addition to providing valuable exam analysis, these reports are also used to provide results for ballots and surveys. Using our DataLink™ software you can generate additional analysis reports on your PC.

Why will my scanner not accept my forms? It could be one of many things: First, make certain that you have scanned a key prior to scanning your answer sheets if you are using the scanner in test scoring mode. Next, check the form and make sure you are using the correct form for the machine (i.e., that you are using a GradeMaster™ form for a GradeMaster™ scanner and an Advantage™ form for an Advantage™ scanner). Last, check the area where the timing marks are located (the small black boxes along the left side of the form) and make sure there is no fading of the timing marks and no stray pencil marks. If forms continue to be rejected, call Technical Support at 800.827.9219.

My scanner is displaying faint black boxes in the display screen. What is going on? Updating your firmware may correct this problem. From this website, select which scanner you are using. Once selected, click on the Downloads tab and then chose Firmware Updater. Closely follow the download instructions. If you are networked, this will have to be done by a system administrator. If problems persist, contact Technical Support at 800.827.9219.

Why is my scanner disconnected in DataLink™? From DataLink's™ menu, click on Scanner and then Find Scanner. If DataLink™ still does not show the scanner is connected, check to make sure that the scanner is plugged into the computer. Make sure that the scanner is not plugged in the USB cable. If the scanner still cannot be found your scanner driver(s) may have been improperly installed. Contact Technical Support at 800.827.9219.

Why is the scanner rejecting my test forms and ‘Paper Skew’ appears in the display? Please make sure the test forms are flush down against the scanner and are not lifting when being sent through the scanner. Try calibrating the scanner if it continues to happen. If the scanner continues to reject your test forms and ‘Paper Skew’ is still appearing in the display, contact Technical Support at 800.827.9219.