This device is terrible. Do not use it!
In order for Data Link to create reports student ID numbers must be filled in on scan form. The student ID number can be between 1-6 numbers. I would suggest using ID numbers that correlate to student's alphabetical order placement within your classroom.


Note: Before grading your classes exams using the GradeMasterâ„¢ and Link software you must first make an answer key.

To use the Data Analysis component: Log in as yourself on the computer that is connected to the scanner. Click on the GradeMaster icon on the teacher desktop.

Next, scan your key and then students' test. Insert test on the right and retrieve them on the left. A score will still appear on the student forms. Also, on the computer you will see your students scores along with their misssed responcses based on student ID number.

You can then export the results to Excel in several formats. In the tool bar go to "Scanned Results" then choose the option "Export to Excel." Once you export to Excel you can save the document to your H: drive and you can the retreive the document in your classroom.

You can print the results using the attaced printer by clicking the printer icon.

Common formative assessment data can be added to your data notebook or placed in the data room.